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The Quantum Light is a ministry of the Rev.Dr. Jeffrey A. Bentley, and the Rev.Dr. Rhonda L. Bentley, a married couple who currently reside near Cincinnati, Ohio. Each has training and experience in a number of spiritual, esoteric, therapeutic or even somewhat scientific fields. Each are ordained ministers of The Universal Light Church, a non-denominational, tax-exempt 501c(3) religious organization who advocates the use of spiritual or holistic practices for enlightenment and/or healing. Each are also recognized by the State of Ohio as ministers. Each have been involved in learning about or actively pursuing their own spiritual growth, and helping others spiritually for over 30 years. They adhere to no particular set of religious dogmas, but rather combine what they have learned with their own experiences. As opposed to the legal name of “minister”, they prefer to be known as “Light-Workers.”


From left to right: Rev.Dr. Rhonda, Son Jeremy, Daughter-In-Law Veronica, Daughter Melanie holding Grandbaby Orion, and Rev.Dr. Jeff at commitment ceremony for Jeremy and Veronica, April 2009.

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Text Box: The Quantum Light
Text Box: What a wonderful, glorious and exciting time to be incarnate! The world and it’s energies are changing—ascending—with astounding speed. Everything seems to move and shift so quickly. It’s tough for most of us to keep up.

When we are unaware of these changes, we become unsettled, worried or frustrated by them. When we understand them, they are exciting.

And all of this has been seen, predicted and envisioned for many years. It is all part of the overall cosmic plan. A plan we put into effect eons ago.

This plan, and the changes we are all experiencing now, are certainly documented through revelations of various sorts. Most recently there have been mystics, prophets and channels of all variety disseminating their own gospels. But there have been other sources, in existence for centuries, that have been saying the same things.

Some of these sources include the Mayan Calendar, Astrology and even the Bible and the Koran. 

According to Mayan calendar expert Carl Johan Calleman, PhD, the Mayan calendar does not predict “doomsday” on December 21, 2012 as the dominant media and Hollywood would have us think. Rather, those documents are a time-map for the spiritual experience of mankind. They predict a convergence of deities (energies), nine of them to be exact, which actually culminate on October 28, 2011. Dr. Calleman combines this with the Bible and the Koran to interpret the age which these energies usher in—an age of peace, cooperation and love among mankind.

Interestingly, astrology has been predicting roughly the same thing, for a very long time. In 1969, some 40 years ago, The Fifth Dimension sang of “The Age of Aquarius,” a time of love, harmony, peace and cooperation of mankind. Astrology has foretold the coming of this age as beginning around the year 2000, depending on which astrologer you are reading/listening to. (Some place Aquarius actually starting in the 22nd century, but the vast majority we have read place the age as beginning between the years of 2000 and 2014.)

All of these things signify the ascension process that we are all so strongly feeling. Ascension of us as individuals, as a race of people, of the earth itself and the whole of the universe. Even famed author Stephen Hawking teaches of the expansion of the universe.

Ascension is inescapable. We must all be in contact with it, in some form. We all, at some point, come to a crossroads where we have to take a soul-level decision—either to surrender to the shifts and go along with ascension to a higher plane, or not. If not, then our time here will be finished—it is time to move on.

All of this, on the individual level, speaks to our happiness. Going with the flow and living in an age of peace and cooperation, or fighting the tide to return to “business as usual.” If we don’t go with the flow, our happiness here is in jeopardy, until the time of departing this plane.

From the ancient to the modern, mankind has always sought inner peace, or happiness. That’s what we really want isn’t it? To be happy?

What does it take to have happiness? The answer is not to have it at all; but rather to be happiness.

And in your true essence—the real you—you already are happiness, and all of it’s resultant formats: peace, love, joy, etc. You truly are, already, perfection!

“Then why do I not feel that way?” Because at some level of yourself you have chosen to feel however you do right now. But it’s never too late to change. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. Yadda yadda. You’ve heard all of this before; but it’s still true.

The Quantum Light is here to help you find your path to true happiness. For each the path is different, but the destination is the same. All roads lead home.

We blend the ancient with the modern; the esoteric with science; but above all, we understand that experience, while being the best teacher, is also the basis of true spirituality. Reading from a book and memorizing doctrines may give you a foundation to work from, but essentially that practice is the practice of religion. In our view, religion and spirituality are different things—though religion can be a means to finding one’s spiritual nature, it is not, of itself, the end.

The information on these pages is not meant to be exhaustive of the subjects covered, but merely an overview. Certainly, we are never done learning while in physical form, so please don’t assume this information to be all there is to know. If you read everything on this site, you will at least have a good idea what we believe.

Please, enjoy your visit here, and let us know if there is some way we can help you. Thank you, and Namaste.